Most health experts think that parents have an integral role into the way that their kids feel about embracing a healthy lifestyle. Inherently, children realize at an early age that their parents are their primary mentors, heroes, educators, role models and supporters. This is a huge responsibility for parents as kids think any kind of behavior coming from the parent is appropriate and acceptable, even if it is good or bad. Kids watch parents for direction, mirroring the actions displayed. So, if parents show a sedentary lifestyle, there is a huge possibility that children will do the same thing. On the other hand, if children see their parents exhibiting an active and healthy lifestyle, it is a good chance that they will also do the same thing.

Create a Family Bond

Parents who make exercise their lifestyle will tend to show the same thing to their children. In fact, parents can involve their kids in simple exercise routine to strengthen and reinforce the family bond and create a tradition in the family that children will carry with them to adulthood. This idea is essential for active parents that do not have time to spend with kids one-on-one to incorporate individual exercise routines.

Regular Exercise Program

Every child should be involved in an exercise program every day. This will help with the normal growth and development of the child. There are so many benefits to exercise as part of a lifestyle choice. It is the ideal activity to fight against major diseases and obesity. But, more than that, children involved in regular exercise tend to be better at academics and handling stress reduction. The body language from parents is always observed by the children. If the child notices any parent getting up at 6 in the morning to work out, the child will view this as being normal. For that reason, it will be easier of the child to adapt to the same lifestyle.

Family Exercise

A family that exercises together will stay healthy together. So, parents should make this a family thing. Get some gym equipment and secure a room in the home, if you have the space, as an exercise room. Put up mirrors in the room to make it more interesting as kids will love to watch themselves while exercising. Monitor the exercise program so kids can be safe. Make it fun by giggling your way through it as your child tries to adapt to the different moves.

Family Video

Use a portable camera and along with your kids, make a family exercise video that you can use in your family workout routine. Your kids will love to watch themselves again, using the same routine to have more fun than they did while making the video. You can make multiple videos for variation so you and the kids don’t get bored.


You can put on a bunch of fun music and dance along with no set routine. Jump around, skip, shake, shimmy and allow the fun to unfold. It will take little effort and a lot of fun to burn those calories while having family time.