Your child needs to be physically active in order to stay fit. This is especially true when the child is obese and inactive. As a child develops, physical activity becomes even more essential. Get your child into a sport, if there is no interest. There are many activities for children to get involved with. Many of these activities are offered at school or at a community sport center or gym. To initiate interest, as a parent, it is best to start at home, possibly in your backyard. This will help to improve coordination, dexterity, movement patterns and fosters confidence building, especially when dealing with peers.

Setting an Example

In so doing, you will set an example that being active is a normal lifestyle change. In some instances when you are out with the child, park your car a few blocks away from the grocery store and walk. Instead of using the escalator at the mall, go up the stairs. Have the kids wake early and take a walk around the block with you. If that doesn’t work, have them do pushups and jumping jacks before dinner is ready.

Go to the Park

Your little ones will love the idea of going to the park. Their thought process is that of play time while you are aware that this also provides a way for the child to be active. Therefore, they will gladly go with you. Jumping and running at the park will serve to help with the development of motor and coordination skills, building bones and muscles and providing an outlet to release energy.

Boot Camp

There are boot camps offered across the nation, specifically geared towards youth fitness. This is something to consider. Children will be taught the essentials, importance and benefits of physical exercise. They will work with a fitness specialist in a safe environment. It can be fun, but also beneficial to their well-being and health.

Household Duties

As a parent, you should consider giving your kids each a specific household duty to perform each day or each week. This could be done before or after school and could include things like dog walking, washing the dishes, dusting the furniture or vacuuming the carpet. The child will learn what it means to be responsible for something and it will also serve to bring you together as a family. Of course, at first, you might meet some resistance, but after doing it a few times, the child will get accustomed to it. You can take it a step further by offering a small financial reward in exchange.

The Whole Family

Each weekend, when the weather is fine, the entire family can be involved in physical activity. It could be playing catch at the park or in the backyard. It could also involve going to a game room where there is a trampoline. You would be surprised how much fun everyone could have. Some weekends, you could also incorporate jump rope or hide and go seek at home.

Proper Nutrition

Lastly, it is the parent’s duty to ensure that proper nutrition is maintained at home. This is one of the most difficult and challenging decision for many families. Choose foods that provide the best nutrition. If you have to pack lunch to make sure that your child receives adequate fruits, protein and veggies, by all means do so.